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Trukstop Assassins

What does it really mean.

The story goes like this Billy Kinnamon was on tour with Jeremy Card in the early 2000's. They found themselves stranded in El Paso, Texas with nothing but a ream of CD's (1000). Arriving on fumes to a truckstop in the very outskirts of El Paso. The guys had traveled to California to play a show and received what we used to like call a "hot check." Bill went into the truckstop and asked the cashier if he could sale CD's outside the store and the cashier not only agreed but he played the CD then bought one and then put the music over the store speakers so people could hear the music. Bill got himself a cup of coffee, stepped outside and went to work.......

About four hours later Jeremy woke up. He walked to the front of the store wondering where they were and why they were stopped. He came up on Bill standing in front of the truckstop, selling CD's and dancing to his own music. Jeremy tells us, that to this day, he still couldn't believe what he saw and asked Bill what was going on. Bill told him the story and showed him way more money than they needed to get home and only a handful of CD's left. Jeremy said, and I quote, Damn homie your a "trukstop assassin" and that is where the name comes from.